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IM&AC, L.L.C. has two divisions. BLS Business Listing Service provides merger and acquisition (M&A) consulting services to mid-market companies that are contemplating sale. International Merger and Acquisition Consultants provides outsourced strategic planning and corporate development assistance to both potential acquirers of mid-market corporations and potential sellers of mid-market corporations.

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BLS Business Listing Service specializes in presenting mid-market (revenues from approximately $10MM to $150MM) sellers to international buyers. Few mid-market brokers have our skill level and experience in the international arena. BLS secretly searches the overseas markets for buyers before working the domestic market because international transactions take longer to complete. The slightly delayed US search produces the highest likelihood of simultaneous competitive bids from both domestic and foreign corporations.

BLS often conducts strategic planning engagements for sellers one or two years before sale and provides (1) a thorough evaluation of the company and its industry position, (Strengths and weaknesses are assessed. Detailed forecasts are developed.) (2) a recasting of historical financials and pro forma projections. (The numbers used for business combinations are not the tax minimization numbers used to run a company.) and (3) consulting on a strategy to showcase the company to its best possible advantage at an agreed upon future date and level of effort to be devoted to the process.

Strict confidentiality is maintained. Many owners do not wish their local competitors to know they are even thinking about selling because announced sellers are vulnerable to having competitors lure away key customers and employees. BLS always consults under a strict confidentiality agreement. This means you are aware of any new buyer interest before the name of your company is provided to that potential acquirer and any confidential information is released. The selling process can be dangerous to your company. Please talk to us about the risks.

The buyer database that we match to our sellers by SIC code and size contains records on about 200,000 U.S. corporations. In addition, we network with about 50 domestic and 50 foreign brokers. These brokers, also operating under confidentiality agreements, approach potential buyers that are not in our database. For your information, all our mid-market sellers have certified financials.

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BLS specializes in the sale of privately-held companies. These companies have often been in the family for generations and are subject to the trust agreements and the politics of family-held corporations. BLS either provides paid daily consulting services or works under a contingent buy/sell agreement with a potential seller. Under a buy/sell agrement no payment is due BLS until the seller decides it wishes to sell the company under its own terms and the sale is closed.

BLS primary industry specialization is with nutrition, health food and nutrition supplements companies and with high technology, heavy industry companies often having a relationship with MIT.

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