A Global Resource for Medium Size Transactions

Our International Network provides investment banking services to mature companies.

Global Network: Our organization is an established network of independently owned merger & acquisition consulting firms and private investment banking firms located in 44 major cities throughout Europe, North and South America, Australia, and the Pacific Rim. These firms bring to bear for our clients the knowledge, contacts and energy of more than 200 deal-making professionals.

Medium Size Transaction Focus: Each associate has earned a reputation for integrity and professionalism in medium size or middle market transactions (generally $5-50 million). Unlike the large investment banking firms which seek mega deals, our members give the middle market transaction highest priority. As a result, all of our systems and experience key on this market segment. And more importantly, these transactions attract our most senior people. The middle market transaction is our life blood, not a filler between "major assignments," and certainly not a training ground for raw recruits. Our professionals are seasoned with hands-on management experience.

Client Confidentiality: Buyer and seller information are released only in strict compliance with a negotiated and signed confidentiality agreement.

Getting Local Knowledge -- Around the World: More and more, strategic acquisitions, mergers, joint ventures, divestitures and business alliances are cross-border transactions. These require detailed understanding of local customs, culture, language and legal, fiscal and accounting conventions. Our international offices are staffed by consultants with many years experience in their local markets. Their individual backgrounds reflect the many regional influences and variations in their unique markets and are a primary reason why clients, including many large multi-national corporations, come to us.

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